Cornucopia Arena Tour

Tue, 19.09.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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Björk has announced her Cornucopia Arena Tour, which will kick off this fall in Lisbon, Portugal, and bring her to Austria in the Wiener Stadthalle on 19th September 2023.

Concepted upon Björk's last album ‘Utopia’, Cornucopia debuted as a residency show at NYC’s The Shed, receiving stellar reviews, with Rolling Stone commenting that it was a ‘spectacle of cutting-edge sound and image’. The new Cornucopia show sees the original stage show of her catalogue music, reworked to include music from her current Grammy-nominated album ‘Fossora’.

"Cornucopia was always intended to be a world for both utopia and the album after that which is now out there called fossora. So i am truly excited to premier those 2 worlds colliding, this autumn in southern europe," - Björk

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Cornucopia includes digital visuals created by media artist Tobias Gremmler, Andy Huang, Nick Knight, M/M, stage design by Chiara Stephenson, the flute septet Viibra, clarinet players, a harpist, percussions, electronics and a number of bespoke instruments implemented in the innovative surround sound stage design including a custom reverb chamber.


  • Tue, 19.09.20237:30 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall DWien


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